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Ndzhaka Camp

Lodge style Comfortable, cosy and charming

Ndzhaka is a true African gem

Tucked away inside a riverine forest, Ndzhaka Camp is home to thrilling adventures, friendly hospitality and a restorative ambience. A no-frills, rustic camp surrounded by scenic views and untamed natural beauty, Ndzhaka offers the trip of a lifetime to explore the relatively undiscovered landscape of the Manyeleti Game Reserve. When it comes to Ndzhaka, home is truly where the heart is, and it’s no surprise that guests often leave a piece of their heart here.

Awe-inspiring scenery surrounds every angle of Ndzhaka, capturing the hearts of all who visit. From the dense patch of riverine forest where birds tweet and soar to the main dam where herds of elephants and buffalo enjoy bath-time, Ndzhaka is the centre-point of an exciting adventure just waiting to be experienced. With a resident herd of Nyalas, there’s plenty of wildlife activity surrounding the camp that thrill-seekers and adventurers alike marvel at with sheer joy and excitement.

Ndzhaka Camp has its own private viewing platform. Located directly beneath a giant Jackalberry tree, all is still and quiet except the vultures rustling their nests and the lone animals stalking their prey. Hidden and undetected from all, viewers are privy to close-up sights of predators in their natural habitat as they walk through the camp to enjoy a drink at the watering hole. The African continent is the only place in the world where big game roams freely, untamed and undisturbed. Ndzhaka Camp offers the perfect opportunity to spot the Big Five up close and personal.

A fully catered base for all bush adventures, Ndzhaka’s adventurous theme doesn’t stop with the animals. The home of just five safari tents with open-air en-suites, Ndzhaka Camp offers a simple yet sophisticated taste of bush life where guests blend into the surrounding landscape as though they were locals. An intimate camp designed with a traditional thatch roof and rustic décor throughout, Ndzhaka is comfortable, cosy and the perfect base for the adventure of a lifetime. A home away from home, Ndzhaka and guests are delighted with comfortable double beds after an exhilarating day in the bush. Spacious and convenient with a private toilet and shower with hot water readily available, Ndzhaka has every home comfort that you could need.

Evening meals are prepared over an open fire and enjoyed by guests in a lantern-lit dining area where time seems to stand still. With two communal areas – a spacious lounge and an outdoor firepit, Ndzhaka Camp promotes a community atmosphere where many guests have arrived as strangers and left the camp as friends.

With a maximum of just 10 guests at any one time, guests are indulged with fantastic service and attention from the friendly staff in a home away from home. Also, all Ndzhaka staff live in the nine villages that border the reserve. Since 10% of the camp turnover is allocated for community projects, your stay at Ndzhaka supports and protects the surrounding areas and all who inhabit them.

Activities at Ndzhaka Camp

There are plenty of activities to enjoy at Ndzhaka Camp and guests enjoy daily morning and sunset safaris on each day of their stay. Guided by experienced staff, those who visit Ndzhaka are awarded the sheer pleasure and excitement of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see predators up close in their natural habitat. Taken in an open-top vehicle along two-track roads where tourists are few, the sights will delight you as you stop at watering holes and trees aplenty. Each guide is especially knowledgeable about the reserve and loves to share their knowledge of wildlife, flora and fauna with guests, allowing you to witness the bush not as an outsider but as a welcome guest.

Each sunrise safari allows you to experience the African bush as each creature awakes from its slumber and prepares for the day ahead. The sunset safaris allow guests to enjoy the last hours of daylight and watch herds and packs wind down as the orange and red hues highlight the beautiful expanse. As you embark on this journey of a lifetime, the sight of micro-ecosystems will amaze you, excited by the spotting of animal tracks, and in awe of the radiant fauna and flora.

Thanks to its prime location in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, guests at Ndzhaka are charmed to experience the adventure of a lifetime, without needing to leave the camp. With an in-camp watering hole right outside the small array of tents, animals are curious to explore the area and are frequently spotted roaming freely around the camp. Previous Ndzhaka guests have been delighted by visits from elephants, antelope and birds who stop by for a much-needed drink to quench the thirst caused by a day in the hot sunshine.

Tripadvisor comments about Ndzhaka Camp

We saw all of the big 5 multiple times and got up close and personal with some of the big cats! The ladies in the kitchen cooked some fantastic meals. If you want to have a great viewing of Africa's wildlife, then this is the place to be!

from Calgary, Canada

We spent 3 nights in Ndzhaka, just amazing!!!! The lodge is very comfortable, there are no fences so animals walk around all day, elephants, hyenas and nyalas visited the lodge. The food is very nice and the staff are really friendly.

from Spain